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Have you ever seen a more gorgeous exterior in your life? This home tour on the newly relaunched Lonny stopped me in my tracks. I love the Georgian architecture, glossy lacquer door, and OMG those windows. Of course the interior is just as stunning...

Simple art and ginger jars galore. 

Antiqued mirror (great DIY instructions here!) and yellow wingbacks. Hellooo gorgeous.

Marble and navy and perfect all over. The only part of this room I can afford is this. ;)

Say hello to the chicest bunk beds you've ever seen. I want to sleep here!

Framed skateboards in the bathroom because obviously these kids are cooler than I am.

Cozy little bed nook. Yes please.

Too pretty for words. Don't miss the full home tour here

P.S. Does anyone else feel totally motivated looking at crazy real estate? No, just me? ;)


I'm really excited about my new bedding thanks to Crane & Canopy. I love the crisp blue border and the quality is amazing. Seriously, is there anything better than climbing into clean sheets? I think not.

I've been devouring this book since we got back from Austin. So many trips, so little time! 

Two things: does anyone else let their dog sleep in the bed? I insist on it. Also, if you're equally obsessed with your pet, you must get Whistle. They sent us one to try out on Rory and I'm never taking it off! It tracks his activity and sleep to make sure he's getting enough exercise. I love seeing the spike on days when we take him to the dog park!  

But back to the bedding. I chose the Linden navy duvet cover and matching shams. White bedding might be impractical with Rory but I can't resist — it's just so classic! Buy a couple extra scalloped sheet sets (so cute!) so you always have a fresh set when one's in the laundry. I topped it off with a throw pillow that's usually on my sofa because, let's be serious, I love blue on blue a little too much.

Oops, how did this get in here? Heart exploding. ;)


vintage mirror (similar)  //  sofa via Joss & Main  //  X benches

shelving  //  sailboats  //  baskets

My apartment is coming along, slowly but surely. I feel like the moment I get one corner furnished and styled the way I want, another part of the space starts crying out for attention. There's a huge armoire I need to figure out how to get rid of (apparently my parents don't want it in their garage... weird ;)) and then I'll move a few pieces around to make room for more seating. I'm supposed to host a housewarming party in a few weeks so, even if I don't have the furniture arrangement all sorted out, I think it's time for a little spring refresh. I just ordered frames for a few new art pieces (OBSESSED with the pool photo above) and am so excited to work a few of the new arrivals in my boutique into my decor du jour. And when in doubt, fresh flowers work wonders! 


I think I finally have the furniture layout of my new apartment figured out so now it's time to decide where to hang everything. I can't decide whether to keep my mirror over the sofa like it is right now or whether to mix it up and hang a gallery wall there (lots of gallery wall inspiration here). When I found this tour of interior designer Ali Fuge's apartment, I was instantly smitten with her sofa styling and thought I'd put together a little guide to getting the look...

scarf  //  sofa  //  blue pillows  //  pink pillow  //  rug  //  peony  //  tray  //  Aerin book  //  Slim Aarons book

I used to sell framed vintage silk scarves in my boutique but it cost an arm and a leg to ship them. So instead I'd find yourself a silk scarf you like on Etsy or at a flea market, order a custom frame (I buy mine here), and admire your one-of-a-kind find. Thoughts on this look? What do you have above your sofa?


one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten  //  eleven

Just an assortment of pretty little things that have caught my eye lately... Most affordable? This perfect pearl ring. Most colorful? This turquoise toaster. Most dreamy? These bow heels. Most necessary? This metallic jute rug. So much cuteness, I don't know where to start. What's your top pick?


Looking for affordable art for your apartment, dorm room, or house? Finding affordable art isn't always easy but thankfully I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I'm excited to share with you today!
girl  //  beach  //  abstract  //  ice cream  //  flowers  //  lemons  //  sunset  //  hustle

1. Art.com: Posters and prints and unlimited framing options.

2. Design Darling: Pretty prints, all under $50.

3. Etsy: Amazing deals if you know where to look. A few of my current favorites: Coco DrawsKerry SteelePamela M.The Joy of Color, and Theresa Drapkin.

4. Gray Malin: Gorgeous photographs starting at $149.

5. Land of Nod: Right now there's a collection of prints curated by Joy Cho all priced at $20.

6. One Kings Lane: Everything from cheeky $20 prints to $400 Slim Aarons prints (a wishlist item for sure).

P.S. Not looking for art right now? Pin the image above for the next time you're redecorating!


Pinterest really is the most valuable tool when it comes to decorating. I love being able to collect inspiration in one place and then go back and connect the dots on what inspires me about each pin. I thought I'd share a little bit of my bedroom brainstorming with you — ten bedrooms I love (for totally different reasons!) and three key items from each interior to help recreate a similar look. This post took me forever but it was actually a pretty fun experiment to see which pieces I was most drawn to in each bedroom and try to get the same look with items you can shop online. Now if I could just narrow it all down for my own space...


My friends over at Ivy & Vine are gearing up for another sale on One Kings Lane and I'm dying over every piece in this sneak peek! The tastemaker tag sale starts tomorrow, Tuesday, March 25, at 11 a.m. EST (I'll link up when it's live!). In the mean time though, Ivy & Vine is giving away three sets of leopard throw pillows to three lucky Design Darling readers! To enter, simply follow the steps in the Rafflecopter widget below and I'll contact the winners on Friday. Good luck!


The girl crush continues. I've had this tour of Tory Burch's Southampton home saved in my bookmarks forever and finally remembered to post it here. Dream home inspiration, anyone? Happy first day of spring! xx

Get the look:


Remember that trip my mom and I took to Atlanta? Well a bunch of the items we picked out are finally available in the boutique and I'm dying to hear what you think. I'm flipping for the cobalt glassware, monogrammed accessories, and patterned trays. I hope you find something that's just right for you! xx


I can be a bit of a perfectionist which is why it's tempting for me to only show you the "after" photos from any given project, particularly my first apartment. But it took me months to get it looking like that and I thought it would be fun and different to share more of the decorating process with you this time around. So here it is: my new apartment as it looked when I moved in a week ago!

Here's what I'm loving:

1. When it came time to choose between a studio in my favorite neighborhood and a one-bedroom in a neighborhood I didn't love quite as much, I opted for living in a studio again. This one is a tiny bit bigger than my last place and I'm already so happy with my new neighborhood. It will be even better come spring and summer!

2. The hardwood floors. 

3. The kitchen is way nicer than the one in my last place. Incentive to cook!

4. The window trim. My last apartment was pretty much devoid of any architectural detail (so I added my own with pieces like this mirror and the pelmet boxes!).

5. The little alcove for the fridge. The fridge in my last place was kind of in the middle of the living room (to the right of the sofa) so I like that it's a little less in the way here.

6. The light. This is so, so important when you work from home!

A few challenges:

1. A few of the less expensive pieces (think Ikea) from my first apartment got pretty banged up during my first year in New York and the move. Think chips on the tabletop, dings on the bookshelves, etc. It's not realistic for me to try to replace everything at once so I'm referring to my own advice and keeping an eye out for replacement pieces from Craigslist, family members, etc. And I think I'm going to find a table skirt for my round dining table — a way to totally update the look (and hide the chipping paint) without spending a fortune. I'll keep you posted!

2. The layout is almost exactly the same as my last apartment. I tried to avoid this when I was looking at apartments but this layout really does have very little "dead space" and accommodates all my furniture well. That said, I really want to move things around so it feels different to me (since I spend so much time here!) and so it photographs differently when I am eventually ready to share the finished product. 

So that's where you come in: what would you do with this space? Color palettes, furniture layouts, pieces to add or subtract from my last place? I'm all ears!!!


As you know, I moved into a new apartment earlier this week and have been figuring out exactly how I'd like to lay out the furniture to give this place a different feel than my last apartment. Although the space is similar, I do have a little extra room to play around with new accent tables and lighting options, which is why I was extra excited when I got an email from High Fashion Home. The Houston-based home retailer also happens to have a great website that's super easy to navigate, allowing you to sort by price and even whether a piece is made in the U.S.A. I could spend hours browsing the site (their brick-and-mortar location is four stories and 125,000 square feet!) but I've rounded up a few of my top picks for my current apartment and beyond:

chair  //  end table  //  sofa  //  pillow  //  ghost chair (always wanted one!)  //  desk  //  lamp  //  side table

Really pretty, right? I'm obsessed with the Greek key lamp. Oh and I love, love, love their unofficial motto: buy only what you love. When it comes to decorating, I think that's literally the best advice there is. If you love something, you'll always find a home for it! (Which means it's definitely time for me to buy a ghost chair, right?) Check out High Fashion Home and let me know what you think! P.S. If any of you are in Houston and have actually been to their retail location, I want deets! 

*This post is sponsored by High Fashion Home, a brand I hand selected as a good fit for Design Darling. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!


I moved into my new apartment on Friday and I'm already falling in love with the space (and especially my new neighborhood!). I have to say, though, I totally forgot how much work moving is. It really is a workout — I think I climbed at least a hundred flights of stairs this weekend. Thankfully the hard stuff is behind me, the furniture is assembled, and now it's time to unpack and redecorate. I love the look of this layered living room from the pages of Domino so I focused on a few key pieces to help get a similar look. I'm thinking a ginger jar lamp and beautifully styled coffee table are a must, don't you think?