I moved into my new apartment on Friday and I'm already falling in love with the space (and especially my new neighborhood!). I have to say, though, I totally forgot how much work moving is. It really is a workout — I think I climbed at least a hundred flights of stairs this weekend. Thankfully the hard stuff is behind me, the furniture is assembled, and now it's time to unpack and redecorate. I love the look of this layered living room from the pages of Domino so I focused on a few key pieces to help get a similar look. I'm thinking a ginger jar lamp and beautifully styled coffee table are a must, don't you think?


Hunter said...

I love this look! Congrats on the new apartment!

Prep on a Budget

Reba said...

That is one of my favorite neighborhoods, also. Will look forward to updates. A little unpacking everyday will get the job done. Rebecca

Sense and Sequins said...

Happy move! Hopefully you will share some pics of the new space, would be very cool to see how you decorate.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

My most favorite neighborhood in all of Manhattan. Enjoy your new hood! xo, C

Lauren said...

I love all the blue & white elements!


Natalie Vargas said...

LOVING your picks for your new space Mackenzie! I can't wait to see the new place! Your decorating is so adorable and feminine, I love it :)

Good luck with everything!

Mary Keller said...

I'm really obsessed with that black chinoiserie piece. I love old pieces like this but they're so hard to find. The new ones just aren't the same! Good luck with your new place.
~Mary Keller