Style Icon {Gwyneth Paltrow}

who doesn't love gwyneth paltrow? besides her impressive résumé, i find we could learn a lot from her fashion choices both on and off the red carpet. she certainly knows what works for her — she loves the color black but will occasionally introduce navy or white, she knows how to rock a daringly short minidress, and she practically patented the blunt bob we see her with today.
rocking a balenciaga lbd.
rocker chic in black balmain.
a barely there minidress by preen.
a personal favorite: paltrow steals the spotlight in racy stella mccartney.
classic yves saint laurent.
stunning in dramatic floor-length ferragamo.
lovely in (backless) lace by antonio berardi.
testing out the nude trend in elie saab haute couture.
straying (just barely!) from her favored black in navy chanel.
a day in the life: sitting front row at adolfo dominguez.
a fresh take on summery style in giambattista valli.
if it ain't broke, don't fix it: paltrow nails it in another stella mccartney number.
walking the walk in an alice + olivia coat and christian louboutin booties.
showing up to husband chris martin's coldplay concert.
a never-fails color combination for when there's nothing else you want to wear.
her statuesque frame pulls off head-to-toe white beautifully.
wedge booties put an edgy spin on a classic tweed blazer.
lighting up a tv appearance in a sparkly gold jacket.

what do you think of her style? any favorite looks?

{all photos via day old news, in style, people, and style.com}


Hazel from Hazel Loves Design said...

Love Gwyneth Paltrow! She is such a style icon, there is a picture of her in a black shirt and denim jeans from the early 90s which is still fashionable today.
My nana always told me that I reminded her of Gwyneth (I had blonde hair at the time) so maybe that is why I like her so much.
I have heard some gossip that is a bit sad about her behaviour on the set of Iron Man 2. I really hope that it isn't true :(
I have really enjoyed this post! --My fav is her dressed head to toe in white-- love!

:) Hazel

Nadine said...

Gold jacket look & the mini dress by preen........ Gorgeous! :)

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

I know a lot of people don't like her, but I think Gwyneth Paltrow is fab. She looks great in 99% of her outfits.

hip hip gin gin said...

I love Gwyneth!! How cute is she with that bun and headband, love it! The backless Berardi is stunning, I think that is my favorite.

Bailey@ peppermintbliss said...

I can't help it. I love her. Sometimes she says and does some pretty dumb/arrogant shiz and I am all, GWYN you are making this really hard on me, but I still head over and goop it up...She could not look more opposite than I do, but I still (foolishly at times) try to follow her fashion/beauty, petite curvy brunettes should NOT wear head to toe white pant suits...lesson learned

Jilliebeanie said...

Gwyneth has impeccable style. She can do no wrong.

That Girl in Pearls said...

I absolutely adore her style. She is so chic!

Hope you have a fab day!

Kristen said...

Great post! Love it!

Ashleigh said...

Love Gwennie! She stole my heart in Great Expectations... Was suprised at how funny and caring she was on 'The Marriage Ref' a few weeks ago (can't believe I just admitted to watching that!)

Anonymous said...

Gwennie is my ultimate girl crush! She has the look I totally wish I could achieve - a more laid back and tailored look for the day and daring at night. And her shoe choices are always amazing.

seesaw designs said...

she's so beautiful... i've always loved her. and seriously, her legs are awesome.

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Such a great choice! I've loved her since she wore the simple, pink princess dress when she won for Shakespeare in Love, and she's only gotten better with age. Such natural grace and beauty!

ashlina {the decorista} said...

oh yeah. i have been in love with her look lately. the outfit she wore to her premiere with the shorts..loved it!

Day Old News said...

While I won't call it a comeback, her promotional tour for Iron Man 2 and her subsequent appearances have her looking the best she's ever looked in her life. Her style is SPOT ON.

Mary Ann said...

hello mackenzie! i idolize her for her non-pretentious elegance! the future icon of style...have a great evening or day in paris!

Emelie - C'est LA vie said...

Hi there - great blog!

Yes, Gwyneth is always so chic. Esp love the YSL... x

Roxy Te said...

It's obvious what part of her body she likes best! I would love my legs that much too if I were Gywnnie!
My fave are those wedge booties!

Averill said...

Love Gwyneth! She always managed to look classy, even when she's wearing something super short. And I love how she does her makeup -- it's always fresh and pretty and never too much. I'd say my favorite looks are the first few in the short LBDs. Jealous of those legs!

Charlotta Ward said...

I think Gwyneth just gets better for every year. She is really finding her style and feels more cohesive and relaxed now.
Have you checked out her fab blog 'Goop'?

x Charlotta