Ringing in the weekend with my favorite gin and tortoiseshell glasses.
Seriously obsessed with my new navy leopard print dress from Persifor. Outfit post to follow!
Did you know you can get almost anything at J.Crew monogrammed for just $10? I think it's the sweetest detail above the pocket of these shorts.
Having a turquoise moment thanks to this Derng necklace and Lulu & Georgia pillow.

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Tiffany Leigh Interior Design said...

I love those tortoise shell glasses so much!

Katie + Courtney said...

Wow, everything on the Derng website is so affordable and cute. Have a great weekend!

The Hunter-Gatherers

Shelby said...

I love to monogram everything a J.Crew!! They're the best :)

Dana said...

Love that necklace! And monograms are always awesome :)

Domesticable said...

I NEED THAT MIRROR! I know you said your mum picked it up for you and it's vintage but I NEED IT!x

Anonymous said...

Loving those glasses, the dress and of course the earrings. So unique!

petal and plume said...

very beautiful array of lovely things

Anonymous said...

you need to do an apartment tour soon!

Rosamapose said...

I agree with Michelle, apartment tour!! Also, the tortoise glasses are too cute-I wouldn't have thought to look for tortoise glassware.

Blonde in this City

Angela Duke said...

LOVE! AND OMG just I clicked on that necklace thinking, "Oh, I bet this is going to be a chunk of change.." SO AFFORDABLE!

SHF said...

I love how you monogrammed your shorts! Such a cute idea.


Abby said...

Hendricks is my gin of choice as well! Love!