Dresses with pockets might be my favorite thing ever and I love the white trim on this one most of all! Is it not absolutely perfect for the Fourth of July? I'm headed up to Nantucket that weekend and this is most definitely making the cut for my weekend bag. Speaking of bags, I'm obsessed with this hot pink wicker one. Hot pink, navy blue, and white... It doesn't get much better than that in my book! 

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Hannah said...

How cute is that dress! Made for you!

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Just Another Shopaholic said...

Adorable bag!

Waverly Tucker said...

I'm obsessed with this post! I love the dress and the purse, your style is my absolute favorite!


Leslie said...

I love that dress! The whole outfit is perfect. :)

j whitney nic said...
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j whitney nic said...

Buying that dress right now!

Kayla Gilbert said...

You look too cute! Loving that bag!


Adelyn said...

I think that dress was made for you and Nantucket! Love the wicker bag too!

michelle said...

LOVE this dress. isn't that the same one carly posted on instagram last week?

Kellyinthecity said...

Oh, that bag! I adore. :)



Adalia H. said...

LOVE the dress! And don't get even get me started about that bag--too cute!


Kathysue said...

In 1968 I had this exact same shift, except no pockets. The white trimmed pockets are a great addition. Love that shifts are so in vogue now!

Elizabeth said...

Too cute! Seriously, love the purse. The shift looks like something Megan would wear on Mad Men.

Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

Kenzie Lee said...

This dress is perfection!

x Kenzie


Pink Champagne said...

Obsessed with this dress. You look gorge in it!

Mostly Lisa said...

I found a perfect maxi dress from Gap that has pockets. I wish I could wear it everyday. You look gorgeous.

Nantucket sounds like a great time, hope you have a blast. :D

Mostly Lisa

Sam (Savvy City Chic) said...

I love that bag! It is so cute and absolutely perfect for summer.

Shikha Yadav said...

pretty outfit :)
i never thought bags like these could look this pretty, thnx ^_^

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

you are darling! An adorable little preppy doll!
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