Confession: I kind of live for solid colors. Besides my go-to gingham and stripes, I don't own many printed pieces. Florals strike me as too busy, geometrics too trendy, so on and so forth. Plus I love mixing and matching different solid pieces — the combinations are endless! That's why I was so stoked to stumble upon Otte's signature line of silk tops. Available in a number of colors and styles, they're exactly the kind of basics you can invest in now knowing you'll live in them forever. Don't mind if I do!

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Lynn said...

Love the long sleeve top, but it's polyester! $252 for polyester is outrageous.

Mostly Lisa said...

Solid colors are perfect. They are a must in my wardrobe. :D

Great choices!

Mostly Lisa

Peyton Simms said...

These are pretty much my obsession! Simple and everyday wear!


doseofdash.com said...

I love silk tops - they easily make any outfit look more sophisticated or put together.

Only one problem/slightly embarrassing question: do you have any tips for stopping sweat stains on long sleeve pieces or tops that are tighter?

Suzane Mart said...

Nice selection of colors in yours collection great loving all great i was always looking such kind of blog for the unique creation for my projects......


alwaysspruced.com said...

I think I have had a similar revelation lately! Solids help finish off every look, and there is really nothing better then a perfectly paired solid and print...!

Love it!
Emma, alwaysspruced.com

Madeline {Poppy Style} said...

I adore these!! I also live for solid color tops. These are perfection!