Can I just say that I think Club Monaco is absolutely killing it right now? Carver, Emily, and I were lamenting the loss of Rugby the other night but all agreed that Club Monaco has really stepped up its game. These shorts. This sweater. Next on my list? This dress, this skirt, or maybe even this vest. Oh, and this jacket has a total Olivia Pope thing happening. Like I said, killing it. 

A word on the shoes: yes, technically they're in the wedding section but I think they're the perfect statement shoe for birthday parties or even just dinner with friends. And if you do happen to get married in them, all the better! :)

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Katie Meyers said...

Those shorts are BEYOND adorable & frankly, the entire outfit is one of my favorites that I've seen in ages! Looks like I need to make a stop in Club Monaco ASAP! As always, adore your style, my dear. :)

Samantha Tananbaum said...

Those shoes are amazing! Love the shorts too, and totally agree that Club Monaco has some great pieces right now.


Stefanie Dasher said...

agreed: club monaco is so on point right now. and PS, perfect shoes!

XO, Stefanie
Life on the Squares

Jessie Springer said...

I've been eyeing those sandals too! For a while they were out of stock so here's to hoping I can now find them in my size! *Fingers crossed!*



Katie + Courtney said...

Amazing heels, and you look so pretty!

The Hunter-Gatherers

Julia Dzafic said...

Those shoes are ridiculously amazing!!! Love the whole look girl :)

Lemon Stripes

Katie Ridgeway said...

I agree! I love everything Club Monaco is putting out right now. Sadly, I do not have one near me, so I only get to shop their every once in a while.

Portuguese Prepster said...

love everything but the shoes are so cute!

Elizabeth said...

Too cute! I love all the details.

I know you've been in NYC for a while, and I'd love to see a post about how life up there has been for you so far. I'm thinking I'll be moving up there in a year after graduation (fingers crossed!) and would love to hear about it from your point of view. It is, after all, so much to think about!

Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

michelle said...

i never would have thought to wear the shoes with shorts! i guess i need to pull them out of the back of my closet now. do your zippers get stuck? i have the hardest time with mine.

Staci (LeatherandLeops) said...

totally agree, I'm loving Club Monaco these days!

purelypeanut.com said...

I love the shorts & shoes! And I'm with ya on wearing shoes for other occasions, despite they maybe are in the wedding section. Fashion has no rules!


Sam (Savvy City Chic) said...

Those shoes are beyond adorable! And Club Monaco really has stepped up their game. If only they would lower their prices...

j whitney nic said...

You are precious. Love the shorts. What a wonderful summer outfit!

Sloane Kratzman said...

Your outfit is beyond cute! I agree that Club Monaco has been killing it lately! Also, heart your shoes!


Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

um, can we talk about that amazingly ginormous tassel you are rocking! too fab my dear!


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lauren said...

yay bows!!! those shoes are adorable!!! love them with the red toes!! tres chic!!!


bright and beautiful said...

*love* those shoes!