My mom and I are headed to Atlanta this weekend to do a little buying for the boutique! I've only ever gone to trade shows in New York so I'm excited to branch out and see what the south has in store (and extra excited to have my mom in tow!). 

I've actually never been to Atlanta so I can't wait to explore the city and meet up with my friend Sara from college. I've been dying to visit Ann Mashburn since interviewing her for Matchbook a couple years ago but I'd love to hear any other recommendations you have for can't-miss shopping and dining... Thank you in advance! xx


Emily G said...

You have to go to Holeman and Finch on Peachtree for an out of this world cocktail! Just watching the bartenders do their thing is an art in itself!

Emily Lunstroth said...

ah how fun! Enjoy your trip, dying to go to Ann as well!

Julie said...

If you are on the Westside at Ann Mashburn, try JCT Kitchen or The Optimist for dining out.

Naghmeh said...

I love the photos those chairs are gorgeous, can't wait to see your finds from there for the boutique!!
I've never been to Atlanta so sorry I can't help but hope you and your mom have fun!

Kate said...

Definitely check out the new ferris wheel in Downtown (http://www.skyviewatlanta.com/) and Centennial Olympic Park! If you're in the mood for some greasy food (hotdogs, hamburgers, onion rings, etc.) go to The Varsity. It's a classic!

Have fun!

Katherine Silverman said...

Pieces (http://piecesinc.com/) in Buckhead is a super chic furniture/decor store.

I second the rec for Holeman & Finch. They have the best cocktails and delicious food as well. They also own a fun boutique liquor store just north of the bar on Peachtree (http://hfbottleshop.com/home/).

The whole area around Ann's shop is awesome, lots of little boutiques and restaurants - get a sandwich or something from the bakery at Star Provisions, an Atlanta original.

Finally, downtown Decatur is a great place to walk around with lots of local restaurants, bars, and boutiques.

Can't wait to hear what you think of Atlanta!

Portuguese Prepster said...

sounds fun! Can't wait to see what new products you find for Design Darling

Coco said...

Empire State South... for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner!

Joanie FLOnMyMind said...

I think Virginia Highlands is a great place to walk and window shop around Atlanta.

I agree with Holeman and Finch and I would add West Egg Cafe for brunch. It is awesome!It's in west Midtown.

I hope you have fun, I can't wait to see where you end up!

~ Joanie

Sheri Ann || Sprinkles and Style said...

I loved Atlanta when I visited last spring! I would recommend trying out South City Kitchen if you're looking for a place to eat. Great food and atmosphere! Can't wait to see what fun items you pick up!

The Norcross Stitch said...

Definitely check out the Westside Provisions district (Abbatoir, Calypso, JCT, Kayce Hughes, etc. (Many of the folks above mentioned other spots in the area.)
Also try the General Muir for breakfast/brunch (but get there early - they fill up quickly!)
And if you're up for sightseeing beautiful homes, you should venture to the Druid Hills area.

Mary said...

Definitely go to The Optimist- best restaurant in Atlanta by far, and you will LOVE the decor and atmosphere.

Tori Moore said...

Virginia Highlands is such a cute area of town! Tons of boutiques and delicious restaurants. Enjoy Atlanta!


Mary Coletti said...

Go to lunch at the Swan House! It is beautiful and a Southern classic. It was also a location in Hunger Games: Catching Fire! Perfect for a lunch with mom.


Julianna said...

If you want an amazing southern meal, go to Mary Mac's. It's a staple in Atlanta history. (Fair warning: butter peas aren't butter English peas.)
If you have time, definitely check out the Olympic Park and visit the Aquarium and World of Coke. Slightly tourist-y but super fun.
I second the recommendation on the Varsity which is another staple in Atlanta culture. Don't order the fries and try not to get overwhelmed.
Also check out downtown Decatur. It's such a funny city, and there are SO many great places to eat on the Square. Wish you were visiting in the summer, so you could check out the cute FroYo place.
Then Buckhead is another great place for shopping and eating. It's close to both Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza.
Again if you have time, visit the High Museum of Art.

Hope you have fun in the ATL! It's an amazing city.

xx, Julianna {sassdelsur.blogspot.com}

AJane said...

West Egg for a low key, farm-to-table breakfast and Bacchanalia for a magical dinner experience (best meal of my life, although expensive).

sophie & lili said...

Do you carry any kids items in your boutique? If so, check out Suite 819 Sophie & Lili dolls and there are new Tattly tattoo dolls! www.sophieandlili.com xx thanks!

D and C said...

You will LOVE Atlanta, it has the best of everything. I am good friends with Ann Mashburn's daughter, they are such a sweet family!

Huff Harrington Fine Art said...
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Huff Harrington Fine Art said...

Hi Mackenzie! We'd love to have you & your mom at Huff Harrington Home, we're right next to Drybar & a hop skip & a jump from the St. Regis for a cocktail or afternoon tea. Also check out King + Duke, best new dinner spot in Buckhead. Enjoy Atlanta!

What Kate Likes said...

You will LOVE Ann Mashburn's store, but stop by Sid's place too! The whole Westside Provisions area is great...I recommend West Egg, JCT, Star Provisions, Taqueria del Sol, Yeah! Burger...everything over there is good eating.

In other parts of ATL, I recommend Bistro Niko if you want something fancy, Holeman & Finch, The Varsity just because it's an Atlanta landmark, the Aquarium if you have time...there's so much to do/eat/see/shop here! A lot of people have recommended The Optimist, but their kitchen burned a few months ago and they may not be back up and running yet.

I'd love to meet up if possible!

Kristin Neal Winchester said...
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Katee Gillikin said...

After shopping on the West Side go to JCT Kitchen or Star Provisions for lunch and The Optimist for dinner. You CANNOT miss Jeni's Ice Cream for dessert, they have the most creative and delicious flavors! Two Urban Licks is also great for a late night dinner and drinks, great lake side views. Have fun!

Katherine B said...

Antico Pizza cannot be missed. We also like Miller Union. For shopping the best malls are Lenox Square and Phipps. Eat at Prime if you're at Lenox or The Tavern at Phipps.
Have Fun

A Town and Country Life

abby blackwell said...

If you're going to gift market this weekend and staying downtown, I would definitely suggest staying in midtown and westside and possibly venturing into buckhead. Lenox and phipps won't be anything new.

W. Port, london trading company, the pie shop, pieces, paces papers, and boxwoods are great buckhead shops off roswell road.

Westside provisions is wonderful: m. And mrs. Mashburn shops are the anchors, but other shops like billy Billy Reid, bubgalow, and star provisions are worth a look. In that area jeni's ice cream, optimist, west peridot, and are great spota too.

Although some quintessentially atlanta things are wonderful in their own right (e.g., mary macs, the varsity), they are also fairly missable when so many other wonderful places exist.

Enjoy your visit, the atlanta mart is a lot of fun :)

Vett Vandiver said...

Ann Mashburn is awesome, and it's in West Midtown so I def. second the recommendations above.

I live in West Midtown and they covered some goodies -- there's also a new J. Crew over there & Anthropologie. And great restaurants: JCT, West Egg, Yeah Burger, Taqueria del Sol, and Figo -- all wins & my regular spots.

Lenox, Phipps, and boutiques all over for shopping.

Mary Mac's for traditional southern food

Sundial and SkyView if you want a great view.

I could go on and on…tons more recs on my blog - enjoy the ATL, I love my city!!


Jessica Sturdy said...

I went to Atlanta in December of 2012 for a quick trip and ate at Empire State South -- so good!!

Bon Vivant DC said...

5th Generation Atlantan here (now in DC). A lot of folks have already mentioned JCT, the Swann House & Mary Mac's- they should NOT be missed for a dose of both old and new southern cuisine. If I could only pick 3 places to eat, these would be them!

Definitely venture to VA Highlands for the craftsman architecture and great little restaurants & boutiques.

The sundial at the Westin downtown is very touristy but has an unrivaled view of the city, and it's right near the aquarium- which is great- & Centennial Park if you plan on seeing any of the sites.

If you ever go back in the summer, taking in a concert al fresco at Chastain amphitheatre is always fun- a lot of people go all out with table linens, candle light and champagne. Although it's mostly an older crowd, I've always had a great time- it would be great to take in with your mom!

The South is going to LOVE you!


Spotted in Stripes said...

Hi Mackenzie! I lived in Atlanta for a year and my favorite thing about the city was the food! For breakfast, I would highly recommend Sun in My Belly! It's the cutest little breakfast spot filled with chocolate and hazelnut cappuccinos & the most amazing ricotta French toast. It's in the Decatur area which is home to a large walking square filled with boutiques and great lunch/dinner spots. For other restaurant recommendations I really love Antico Pizza (BYOB and you sit family style at large tables) Barcelona Wine Bar, Eclipse Di Luna, Pure Taqueria, One Midtown Kitchen, The Optimist and Cafe Jonah & the Magical Attic. . Try going early or making reservations seeing as most places are packed on weekends. Bon appetit :)

Kelly Allen said...

I love that you are getting to come to Atlanta! Hopefully by the time you're here it'll be back to it's usual self with the weather. I saw someone already said it, but definitely stop over and visit the Westside Provisions District. It's the best place in the city in my opinion. It's located in the old meat-packing district and you can see a lot of the flare in the style of stores and restaurants. As far as dining goes, I would recommend West Egg and Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. They are both over in the Westside Provisions District. Also, if you are in the mood for some good ol' Southern cuisine, I would visit Mary Mac's Tea Room. It's lovely.

Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Ashley Stockwell said...

Atlanta is the best! If you have time for sightseeing the World of Coke is fascinating. And definitely The Varsity for a Frosted Orange. Enjoy your trip!!


lhlynde said...

I second all the recommendations that have been made ready! If you are on the Westside at Ann Masburn on Friday, give me a shout - I work around the corner and would love to meet up with a fellow Bucknellian! If you are here on Sunday night, go to dinner at PorKman's Table, run by a fellow Bucknellian as well. You can email me at lhlynde {at} yahoo.


Lauren said...

Go to the bar at the top of The Westin hotel! It's a rotating bar with amazing views of the city


MSRA Squash said...
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ems said...

Check out Bosom Buddy Bags - Building 3, floor 4, booth1800.

It's my mom's company - fun, preppy accessories that I think you will love. Have fun!




Bosom Buddy Bags by Andrea Stieff & Karin Chriss said...

Aw thanks Em! Yes Mackenzie ,atlanta is a foodie city. I love Ecco for clean,grilled foods..not as heavy as typical southern . If you've never been to Atl Mart it's huge! None of the up and down aisles like NYC shows . Wear comfy shoes and be ready to get exhausted ..but you will see amazing things. The permanents in buildings 1&2 will pop your eyes,make sure to go to http://www.appelmanschauben.com on 18 in build 2. At night they have events and cocktails ..it's hoppin.
If you like cheap thrills jewelry, Golden Stella on 7 in buil3 is not to be missed,it's cash and carry ,as are most if the vendors on 7. Most exquisite vintage look Christmas decorations ,building 3 ,floor 1, Christopher's Creative 530. You might want to skip cash&carryvon 1 ,it's a zoo in there.
Don't miss High Design in building 2 .
We hope to see you at bosom buddy bags, if I'm not in the booth, ask for Karin.
Have a GREAT time, Andrea

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Oh, lucky girl. I used to buy at the Atlanta and New York gift shows and think that Atlanta is the absolute best. Can't wait to see what you come back with! I vote for the Blue Cheese chips at the Buckhead Diner after a long day at market.

Duchess Fare said...

Hey Mackenzie! My go-to favorites by neighborhood include:

BUCKHEAD -- South of Market / Baby Braithwaite / Cookie Studio / Souper Jenny / Pieces / Pie Shop / Huff Harrington Home / Lush Life
WESTSIDE -- Miller Union / Star Provisions / Jeni's Ice Cream / Bungalow Classic
EASTSIDE -- Cacao / Stanton Home Furnishings / Aurora / Octane & Little Tart Bakeshop / Bocca Lupo / Revolution Doughnuts / Cakes & Ale / City Issue / Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party

Y'all have a great trip!

Amelia Watson said...

How much fun! Enjoy your trip. The entire clothing collection is superb specially shirts. I like port authority shirts. See the latest collection.

Sarah said...

Oh, I'm absolutely dying to go to Ann Mashburn! I have two of her box-pleat skirts and a gorgeous shirt. I inadvertently ordered the wrong size, and they were so helpful in letting me exchange!


CarlaK said...

Hello, Love your blog. :) For beautiful handcrafted Italian home decor, come see us at the AmericasMart Gift show going on now til Tuesday! We're in Bldg 2, #928A. www.IntradaItaly.com


Dani said...

Are you going to the Atlanta Mart? I was there today actually and will be back on Sunday

Samantha said...

If you're walking the show, be sure to pop into the Road Runners showroom in #819 -- SO many cute lines!

For a delicious dinner, try Serpas in the old fourth ward district!