A few favorite beauty inspirations at the moment... Bolder brows, long lashes, healthy skin, pale pink lips, and a subtle cat eye. I'm trying to do my makeup every morning (even when no one but me will see it...) because it really does make me feel just a little bit more put together. Here's what I'm swearing by these days:

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Kory Kendrick said...

I love this look! I wish my arm was a little bit steadier so I could get the cat eye look down though..

Hunter said...
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Hunter said...

I love your makeup picks!

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amy stone said...

You are naturally gorgeous, my friend.

You know I'm a proponent of NARS desire blush! Instant happy. Their eyeshadows are impressive, as well. I also love anything MAC, especially their Fix Plus+ spray, mineralize skin finish (I use that as a bronzer in a darker shade), Studio Fix foundation and concealer, and any of their brushes. Oh! I could go on :)

I've been growing out my eyebrows for a year now and love the look.


Laura (bright and beautiful) said...

Love these photos! For bolder brows, I'm loving my Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil. I'll have to give your selections a try, too! The NARS blush looks so pretty.

Linh Vo said...

Been meaning to learn how to do the cat eye makeup...it really makes a difference. I'm on the same boat as you! Putting on a little makeup even when you're at home just makes me feel better :)


Hannah said...

I need to try that mascara! I keep hearing good things.
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Alexandra Aimee said...

These are amazing inspirations! Love the first three the best, but I can't choose between them!

-- Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

Little Lady in the South said...

I absolutely love that mascara, one of my favorites! I just bought that eyeliner you suggested and I can't wait to try it out in the morning. Beautiful post as always.