One of the things I miss most about living in New York as opposed to the suburbs is having time and space on the weekends to fix up old furniture (or tackle an inexpensive DIY — remember my Union Jack dresser or these campaign tables? they're in my brother's dorm room now!). The thought of painting a Craigslist find on my fire escape is kind of laughable... Not to mention how I'd ever transport a dresser by myself sans car. 

In case some of you find yourselves in a similar living situation, I wanted to share these awesome new pieces at Grandin Road. They have the classic campaign-inspired lines that I usually look for on Craigslist and at flea markets with all the pizzazz of a paint color you'd choose yourself. Find the chest here and the console here. Do any of you share my penchant for fixing up older pieces with a fresh coat of paint? 


Jackie {York Avenue} said...

I agree, that is a tough thing about NYC living...I have a little thing I want to spray paint but so not interested in breathing in the fumes!

marni zarr said...

i love those chests so much i zipped over to the site! funny how just a little pop of color can brighten your day and strum up some new ideas... thank you :)

Morgan S. said...

I absolutely love painting furniture now. Started with an old secretary desk off of Craigslist a couple years ago and hooked ever since!

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Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

I looove these pieces! So colorful and happy. :)

michelle said...

i have two navy campaign nightstands! (they are currently pushed together as a tv stand.) i couldn't imagine having to DIY them in a tiny apartment!

Alexandra Aimee said...

These are great!! I especially love the second one. The Asian influence is wonderful.

-- Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

Tara Louise said...

Love the chests, and also the union jack piece you did! So amazing!