Last week I got to cross off my tenth task on my 101 in 1001 list. Wooohoooo! I finally downloaded Photoshop and took Blogshop as a crash course in learning the program. All I can say is whoa. I didn't know my 24-year-old brain was capable of absorbing that much information in just two days (you know how they say the optimal age to learn a new language is around 10?) and I can't wait to incorporate some of what I learned into Design Darling over the coming weeks and months. Understanding layers, adding type, writing on images, applying actions, learning healing and stamping... I feel like I have a totally new vocabulary. Oh and we even made gifs:

{Wearing this top and this necklace}

If you're on the fence about taking Blogshop, here's my advice: do it. I've definitely paid for disappointing classes and workshops before but this was not one of them. The workshop was the perfect mix of fun and structure: mimosas, numbered lessons, photo opps, practice time, etc. There were interns walking around to make sure everyone was up to speed and we were given flash drives with every lesson as a takeaway for more practice at home. And the lessons are pertinent well beyond blogging — I know I'll be able to improve product photos for my boutique and even touch up our family Christmas cards thanks to everything I learned. If you've been wanting to learn Photoshop, this is the way to do it.

*This is not a sponsored post. I just loved the experience and had to share!


Portuguese Prepster said...

I work in marketing and had actually been looking for a photoshop course recently, this sounds perfect! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Hunter said...

I am so happy that Blogshop went well for you! It looks like a great class!

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Jessica Joyce said...

Sometimes I feel like learning Photoshop or any other software would be easier on my own. Then I see blogs like yours or others' and I feel like I need help to be just as good. This Blogshop thing may seem like a help, though, if I get to a point of real jealousy.
Your Friend, Jess

preppylove said...

AW your gif is adorable! I'll look into their classes as well. I've had photoshop for a while and I've tried to take a class on it before, but I just don't get it still!!

courtney parker said...

Thank you for sharing, I will have to check it out!


Sylvia Dennis said...

I am definitely going to do it :) I have been wanting for a while now I have photoshop and I have a very big and expensive camera but can't quite work out photoshop so I need to learn a bit more! I hope my brain is as strong as yours ... plus I am french so I think my brain would be rather slow after that :)

Love your shirt and necklace suits you really well!



Miss Glam Dan said...
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Miss Glam Dan said...

Isn't Blogshop amazing?! It was one of my favorite experiences and I learned so much. That's so great that you enjoyed it too!

Have a fabulous day!

Danielle xx

Dana said...

You talked me into it! looks like I'll be signing up soon...

The Casual Classic

Elena said...

I am saving for a new computer but as soon as that happens I definitely want to take this class!

xoxo, Elena

Sasa Zoe said...

Cute top and necklace. The gif image is just too cute, hehe:)

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Dana said...

I definitely want to take a Blogshop course once I graduate from college and head home to NYC! I love learning new things, especially when it comes to being a better and more efficient blogger!

Pink Champagne Problems

Lauren said...

I will have to check out blogshop, it sounds like you learned so much from it!


A Franny said...

I really wish people would STOP posting about Blogshop... I've been wanting to take a class for SO long but keep getting sold out in my city :) sssshhhh STOP telling people!!!

A Franny

Sense and Sequins said...

I cannot wait till they have another one in Dallas, I really want to attend!

jen | concrete jungle dc said...

I took Blogshop 2 years ago and it was a fantastic experience. I had no photoshop skills and my learning curve was steep. It was worth the money because I use it everyday! Glad your experience was similar.