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It's funny how much more I listen to my mom now that I'm in my twenties. Despite the fact that my mom worked in fashion throughout my childhood, there were countless times that I disregarded her advice on certain colors or silhouettes that would work for me, opting instead for whatever was new at abercrombie kids (shudder). Every now and then, I'll find myself drawn to something that my mom recommended 10+ years ago. Case in point? Olive green and hot pink. Perfect for redheads, recommended by Mom, and rediscovered just in time for spring. It took me a while but it's true: Mom always knows best.

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P.S. Want the same look for less? This top is just $32 and these shoes are $48.


Emily Nicholls said...

I'm such a big fan of this color combination. Love it!

Also, I simply adore your blog!


courtney parker said...

I absolutely love that olive dress!


Annie Reeves said...
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Annie Reeves said...

That pink DVF dress....I'm in love.


amanda said...

the perfect combo! loving this! xx, amanda.


Lauren said...

Love all the green and hot pink!


Ashley Stockwell said...

So dead on! Redheads can never go wrong with dark greens and light blues.


Sasa Zoe said...

Awesome picks<3

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Sarah Lahtinen said...

I have been lusting over that J. Crew coat for the longest time now! Maybe this is a sign I should finally bite the bullet and get it :)


Kati said...

I really like the color combination. I think some bright pink sneakers would look good with the parker or dress.


Sense and Sequins said...

I am loving olive green too...I was exactly the same with my mom - It takes years to realize that she 99.9% right especially when you don't want her to be.

Lily L-M said...

Love olive green... the most perfect neutral. Especially those chunky heels!

xo Lily

Paige @ Sticky Note Addict said...

Oh I LOVE that field jacket. It looks like a Barbour almost, but half the price! Nice!