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I recently bought the most amazing pair of Madewell d'Orsay flats and I can't wait until fall just to be able to wear them more regularly. The quality is awesome and they're so flattering on my feet! (If you don't think "foot-flattering" is a thing, try being 5'1" and looking at your feet in ankle strap heels. Pointed toes are your friends...!) If you're looking for a pair, here are a few ideas from the super affordable to the super luxe:


amy stone said...

I've wanted the Jenni Kayne d'orsays for-ev-er...but it's good to see more affordable pairs, too. Love the round-up.

Anonymous said...

You're 5'1"???! There's no way! You look SO tall! I'm 5'2" and totally agree with "foot-flattering" :) Love, love the flats, too!

Xx Bee

Reba said...

I have a very affordable pair from Old Navy. They are navy blue and just perfect. Got them earlier in the season. But it is always worth a look. I know you have featured Old Navy previously. Rebecca

Seersucker Sass said...

Those are absolutely darling! I have been trying to purchase more flats since I feel like I wear Jacks to work way too frequently. Thanks for sharing :)

XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

Sarah said...

I totally feel you on that one! I'm 5' tall and will only buy pointy toed heels! Those flats are next on my list!

I'm 21 and just started a blog of my own! Would you mind please checking it out?

xo Sarah

Dana said...

Loving your picks! Madewell's are my favorite - I've been dying to pick up a pair!


dani said...

I love my d'orsay flats, but every pair I get stretches out so quickly! It's such a bummer!

Hunter said...

I love those flats! Such a great neutral for fall!

Prep on a Budget

Ashley Stockwell said...

Love those! I've been wanting to get some d'orsay flats but I do a lot of walking - does it make your feet sore to walk in them a lot since they have no side support?


erica kartak said...

Bought the Steve Madden in grey last week!

Anonymous said...

Lovely shoes! Love the first outfit!