I was running through my list of daily reads when a post on Colleen's blog stopped me in my tracks. I've been following along as she decorates her new apartment and her new pink foyer is nothing short of perfection. In case you're similarly inspired and actually have a foyer to decorate, I decided to pull a few pieces to help recreate the look.

PB Teen pink desk ($809) — I used this mostly for the visual; really I'd buy this and paint it this!

Would you dare to think pink for your foyer? I love it but I know it might not be for everyone (especially those of you with live-in significant others!). Check out Colleen's post here and let me know what you think in the comments!


Hunter said...

I love that bright pink! Such a great, blog look!

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Lily L-M said...

I just love girly things like this! hard to negotiate when living with a boyfriend :)

x Lily

Christine said...

I love this look! SO bright and fun!

Elena said...

Thanks for the Target desk shout-out! George and I are looking to purchase one but I never would have thought to look there; they have some great options! Especially if you are willing to paint:)

xoxo, Elena

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Al said...

I think pieces of pink look great, e.g. a couch, a chair, a desk or a subtle wallpaper. Pink is my favorite color but I know it's good to balance one bright color with other ones or neutrals.

laura Madalene said...

This table is so cute and such a good idea! And both of my daughters are on the floor writing/coloring right now, haha. Maybe I need to make them a table like this!