I've never really been big on resolutions (besides, I already have this list) but I love the feeling of a fresh start, whether it's flipping to a new page in my planner or sending out the last order for the day. Lately I've been thinking about a few things I'd like to improve upon and the start of a new year seems as good a time as any to get going!

1. Be better about remembering people's names.
I'm not naturally good at this and it doesn't help that I'm constantly "meeting" new people online. Whenever I attend blogging conferences (like Alt Summit, coming up in January) I get overwhelmed trying to put names to faces and always wish I could remember everyone I meet from one conference to the next. I mentioned this on Twitter and my girl Courtney says she tries to mention the person's name three times in conversation to get it to stick. I'm always so impressed when people I've met in passing recall my name so I'm definitely going to give this a try!

2. Learn to be on time.
I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm almost perennially late and if not I'm at least panicked because I've cut it too close and I'm down to the wire to get somewhere in time... Not a good look. If it's just a question of leaving five or ten minutes earlier — even if it means being the one waiting for a change! — it's something I plan to work on this year.

3. Only buy things I absolutely love.
Maybe this means instituting a "one in, one out" policy for my closet because seriously, things are getting out of control. Especially as I think about settling into a tiny apartment, I want to strategize on making quality purchases I love rather than shopping to fill every nook and cranny at once. This is something I've gotten better at over time but there are always more ways to pare down and save up for something special.

4. Support more small businesses.
You get back what you give out, right? I'm fortunate to get to work with some amazing fellow small business owners both through my blog and the boutique and I have some seriously awesome sponsors here on Design Darling. Whether we're buying art or clothes or furniture, let's all show small business some love this year!

5. Work smarter, not harder.
I put a lot of pressure on myself to constantly strive for more. While this drive has its perks, it also makes me more likely to burn out from taking on too much at one time. This year I want to focus on working smarter — hiring interns, minimizing distractions at my desk, unplugging as much as possible at night — instead of burning myself into the ground by saying yes to every project that comes my way. This is something I imagine I will always struggle with as an entrepreneurial type but, hey, baby steps!

What's one thing you'd like to work on this year? Do you believe in setting (and keeping!) New Year's resolutions? 

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Nat said...

Wow these sound like 5 resolutions I need too! I am horrible with names and I'm always running at least 5-10 minutes late!

Ruthie {Look Learn Love} said...

I love this thoughtful post! I'm pretty sure most of these should be taken on by everybody :) What a year 2013 will be!

Laura @ Chaotic Domestic said...

Great resolutions. I think the remembering names one is fantastic. It can really be a challenge but it always means a lot to the person you're speaking with. I'm always jealous of people that just have a knack for learning and remembering names. I also like your resolution about only buying things you absolutely love. I think that's something we should all be doing. Happy Holidays!

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

i never do resolutions - i just try and be a better me day after day - but i like how u think!

Kelly / Fabulous K said...

Such great resolutions! Best of luck with them!

Elle said...

my goal for next year is to save my money. because moving out and buying gorgeous furniture is at the top of my list.

taylor casto said...

LOVING your resolutions! especially the shop small businesses!


Rebekah Gullo said...

This is good, I need to work on remembering names too! Rebekah www.fashionandafellow.com

jackie jade said...

need to do number 3!! i tend to buy cheaper fill-in's for the fancy stuff i really want, but hoping to hold out next year for quality awesome things instead. good resolution idea!!

madeleine said...

I love number three. I am taking a dress back that I don't love nor need. I am terrible at resolutions, I prefer weekly goals

Amanda said...

Oh I really need number one. Especially living in Asia, i find it so difficult to keep track of people's name!

doseofdash.com said...

These are all great resolutions that seem pretty doable! I especially like 4 & 5. It's so important to shop local and support small. Sometimes it's hard because it's the big stores that have the amazing sales, but shopping in a store where people know you is so much more gratifying.

The "work smarter, not harder" thing is something I constantly struggle with. I have so many plans and big ideas but sometimes you just have to prioritize and cut out everything else. Turning off the computer is the hardest.

Good luck!

Grace Rice said...

These are really great resolutions! I think I'm going to try #5 myself!

Shoegal Out In The World said...

These are great resolutions... Mine are definitely #2 & #4...

Merry Christmas!!!

xo, Violeta


Katie Miller said...

These are great resolutions and things that most people need to work on, I might be stealing a couple of these. I think my big resolution this year is to keep up my blog. I just started it and I really want to build it this year. Happy Holidays!


Portuguese Prepster said...

I am definitely with you about reducing down what I buy!

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

I love these resolutions! I am trying to "live simpler" this year - including only buying what I want, cleaning out the clutter, and working more efficiently (smarter not harder!)
Cheers to 2013

American-Vintage.org said...

I should make numbers one and two a part of my New Year's Resolutions! I am currently in a terrible situation with this guy: He knows my name and he always talks to me when we see each other around campus BUT I CAN'T FOR THE LIFE OF ME REMEMBER HIS NAME. It's terrible. As far as being on time goes, it does not help that my school has a complicated time schedule where all classes start 10 minutes after they're supposed too - it's really not helping the problem.

I wish you luck with your resolutions and I hope 2013 treats you well.

P.S. Love the blog (: